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About Us
About Us

 DIY Car Repair is a site specialized in writing content about information and news about cars, with the aim of enriching the content with documented information to benefit and help others

DIY Car Repair presents the information in a clear way so that anyone can assimilate the information, with the goal of helping others with information that may lead to the completion of their work. Also, DIY Car Repair is not a profitable website, its services are free and provide information for free.

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Content created at DIY Car Repair is directed by Mohamed El Halawani, a blogger with an interest in the automotive field

Content in DIY Auto Repair

Content is created, improved, reviewed, revised and updated to reach the highest levels of quality and reliability as possible with the knowledge of Mohamed El Halawani.

Praise be to God alone. The site is growing rapidly and currently includes articles in many areas. It is constantly updated to keep pace with changes

Information Sources about DIY Car Repair

DIY Car Repair depends on creating content from the best international, Arab and foreign specialized sources in this field. Examples of information sources include the following



JD Power


car driver

maximum speed

dot com cars



Contact Cars.com

The goal of auto repairing yourself

The first goal is to pay zakat on knowledge and enrich Arabic content with information that may benefit many

Copyright at DIY Car Repair

At DIY Car Repair, unremitting efforts are made in order to create high-quality content and reach the highest levels of trust and reliability in the content. Therefore, content may be quoted only with the prior permission of the site administrator and reference to the original source, which is the DIY Car Repair site

In God's safety